Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator

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Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator

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Generator: http://www.silverghost.me.uk/wfrp/


I hate the portraits on the front page, if you're an artist who can do better as a favour or for a small fee get in touch!

Also, your feedback is always welcome, mistakes are also happily corrected!
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Re: Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator - Change Log

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September 2022
Rewriting the code to handle character saves and loads as the original caused display issues with optional skills/talents which had not been selected at the point of being saved. The saving code was in any case too involved.

Typo in a surname corrected.

The statistics have been updated to be logged to a database rather than a flat file to make pulling anything out easier and answer the question is the site still being used! They are now generated on a daily basis.

February 2022
Removed Apprentice Wizard as a career exit for Halflings or Dwarves.

January 2022
After "feedback" from bounty site I was informed of an issue with the coding on the generated and went back to remove PHP calls to $_SERVER variables.

August 2016
I'm starting to consider how to display stats, at the moment there is just this which is not updated in realtime. http://www.silverghost.me.uk/wfrp/stats

February 2015
Fixed potential issue with the save/load functions; please let me know if you have trouble accessing a character. Whilst doing this I trimmed out invalid files where people did not enter enough information for them to be retrieved (need to change the code to stop this happening). Even after that there are some 12meg of saves and over 2,500 files! That's 800 in 1.5 years which amazes me. Long live 2nd Ed eh?

January 2015
Another server death and another move. Hopefully this will/did not affect anyone apart from the downtime.

June 2013
Bit boring but I have been going over the code to try and tidy it up and stop all the annoying notices appearing in the php log.

Whilst doing this I also noticed there are over 4meg of saved characters on the server, that's over 1,700 files people have saved. I assume a fair proportion of those are real characters people have made or used, so that makes it all seem a bit more worthwhile!

XX January 13
Francisco found me a couple of errors in the Runesmith/Bodyguard, corrected now many thanks.

XXV July 12
Added expanded distinguisging marks (for humans only right now) from the Expanded Character Module by Dave Graffam - beware the six fingered man!.

8 July 2012
"Quick" and dirty hack to allow players to choose their starting careers.

XIII Feb 11 - Started adding Tome of Corruption Careers, not many in yet and only accessible through link right now.
XVIII Jan 11 - Estalian Diesto's are now born in Estalia and Norse Berserkers in Norsca (thanks Ron).
II Oct 10 - Changed code so that the first advance was free and did not register 100XP used.
XIII Feb 10 - Apologies for any issues over the last week, my server died and the temporary replacement was misconfigured, hopefully it's all back to how it was now.
XXII Oct 08 - Human Surnames now available, these were lifted from an artical on Warpstone
and I've added some of my own
XVII Oct 08 - All basic/advanced careers from the source books I own are now available.
XII Oct 08 - Characters can now advance careers once they have taken all required profile advances. Please note
that advanced careers are not available yet (lots of typing required!).
X Oct 08 - Updated skill listing system on the webpage and pdf export to show percent bonuses to skills learnt
multiple times
X Oct 08 - Added Dwarf male and female names from "Stone and Steel" reference book and set the generation of
surnames as per the same reference (although I at first accidently made it follow the Icelandic system!)

Inital Release
XXV Feb 08 - After much typing and coding system went live
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Re: Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator - Change Log

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This is a space for suggestions people have made.

*Option to delete generated characters
A very sensible idea...

*Inventory management - ability to add / remove items
If I have the time I would like to do this, but it's a lot of work.

*Ability to change character's name
This is something I should have done ages ago... and will do when I figure out a sensible method to add names.

*More chaos careers
Will do

*Smaller PDF version (without graphics)
Good idea, will need to figure out a nice way of someone choosing what version they like.

*Skills should say what stats they test against
In the first instance I will complete the tool tips you get on hovering over the skills on the web version, if I can find a way I like of adding it to the PDF I will

*Auto complete of careers
I may give up and do this. I always meant the generator as one for first level characters, not as a NPC generator, but I guess a lot of people use it for that

*Include all careers from XYZ source book
I have only added careers from books I own hard copies of and do not wish to see/use alternative sources. However I do appreciate I could legally buy most of them now from RPGdrivethru. Although I'm not a fan of PDF books I've decided (July 2014) that the next time they're on sale or if I have a lot of spare time (no I'm not asking for a donation!) I'll buy the PDFs and update my careers....

*Allow the entry of characteristics of a character
This is a frequent suggestion but it goes against what I made the generator to do, i.e. to be a vague indication that my friends who had no idea about WFRP had not cheated in making their characters! Apart from that it also meant there was extremely little for the player to do other than hit generate. I am considering setting this up, but to be honest it's not that interesting as really people could just download a character sheet from the internet and fill values in there.

Good Suggestions which unfortunately require editing the HTML structure or PDF so I would like to do these but they will be slower:

*Show XP on the HTML character sheet and not just the PDF one.
*Allow an Initiate to choose Religion
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Re: Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator

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Can I help develop the generator?
I'm sorry this is my personal project and I'm not after help, if you're capable please make a competing generator!

Can I host a copy of your generator and/or have a copy of the files in case your server dies?
My server is reasonably "safe" in that I have at least two alternative hosts and the source code is backed up in a few locations. If it ever truly went dead it would be a huge shame from my point of view because of the time invested, but in the scheme of things it wouldn't matter

Can I donate money?
Absolutely not! WFRP 1st and 2nd Ed have given me a lot of joy, this is a tiny way of trying to give something back

Can I help?
I would LOVE to replace the artwork on the front page and am willing to pay, but would be happy for donations, but please e-mail me before doing anything about this

Are talents which modify starting characteristics correctly applied to characters?
Yes... but... talents which modify starting characteristics (e.g. 'very strong') are applied to the base profile of a character but only AFTER you select the "make skill and choices" button. This is irrespective of whether they are optional talents or randomly generated for humans.

So yes it is possible to see a character with a S of 22 (the minimum) and the 'very strong skill) because until the "make skill and choices" button is pressed the very strong has not been applied.

Are you going to allow the manual editing or input (free typing) of characteristics?

Being able to freely enter values is the single most commonly requested feature. I designed the generator purely for people who wanted to play and wanted to put zero effort in character generation; those are the people who don't even really know the system let alone how to make a character properly. Thus I haven't seriously considered adding this, I'm afraid it'll be 'the last thing I ever do'.
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Re: Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator

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July 2022 - Stewart
Really love your character generator.

February 2022 - Anthony
Really good stuff, been using it to generate characters!

September 2020 - Sacha
Hi, great site!

June 2020 - Mark
Just want to start by saying thank you for making this. Gonna run a one (or more) shot for my roommates and this is gonna be a huge help

September 2017 - Simon
I have to say it's a really useful tool and it helps so much.

August 2017 - Luca
you made a great web site for generate character. I am very thankful.

August 2017 - Kristian
first of all my compliments for the Browser WFRP 2nd edition PG/PNG generator… Amazing!
Many thanks for Your precious support for the WFRP world….

June 2017 - Martyn
Firstly just want to say THANK YOU!!! For the awesome resource page, its really good!

July 2016 - Dave in USA
Hello just wanted to say thanks this works very well for NPCs aswell. keep up the Great work.

May 2016 - Colin C
Just wanted to drop a note saying how cool this generator is. still playing 2nd ed so it is really useful.

April 2015 - Chip
Thanks for making this character generator I used your character generator to make the character in the the game I've been playing for the last few months.

July 2014 - Gerald
Love the generator

June 2014 - Darren
I have just started GM-ing again after about 20 years. Â Your website character generator is absolutely wonderful. Â You've done such great work. Â Thank you for taking the time to do this.

September 2013 - Anthony
just to thank you for this resource

September 2013
Just noticed (July 2014) someone made a utube video of using my generator... that put a smile of my face!

September 2013 - ?
I came across your WFRP character generator site and mostly just wanted to say thanks, it's awesome! 2nd edition WFRP is still the best and coolest fantasy RPG around in my reckoning and it's great finding such useful resources for it. This thing is great for churning out NPCs!

April 2013 - G
I love your character generator. The ability to create a PDF is especially nice.
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Re: Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator

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September 2022 - Just making sure the generator still works as I transfer it between servers and change apache/php versions.
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Re: Warhammer Second Edition Career Generator

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*Allow optional skills/talents to be taken in first career.
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