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Dwarfs are a proud race who are oft accused of being lost in history with their references to past grudges, achievments or ancestors. They do, however have much to be pround of with their reputation as fierce fighters and their renown craftskills as miners, stonemasons, and weaponsmiths.

Though once in control of a extensive underground network of tunnels which ran the length of the mountainous regions of the old world, these bastions have long fallen to natural disaster and their old enemies, including the greenskins and skaven.

Roleplaying Hint: Dwarfs are serious down to earth characters who are oft seen as humourless. They admire strength and skills as well as the amassing of trophies or wealth (with gold being the stereotype) but to have achieved status through whatever mean is their collective goal. They have a hatred of all greenskins and a loathing of Elves, though this is mostly seen as petty spite by the other races.

Magic: Dwarfs have a natural reistance to magic and are suspicious of it. They are unable to cast spells or channel the divine to cast spontaneous spells, but as an exception to this their Runesmiths have ancient knowledge of how to empower weapons with powerful enchantments through runecraft.

Religion: Dwarfs woreship their ancestors before anyone else. A few of their ancient ancestors are praised by all the Dwarfs by these are woreshipped as a private matter between a Dwarf and their god.

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