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The oldest and most isolated of the Old World Races have withdrawn from their original settlements after their conflicts with the Dwarfs and now retain only a small presence deep in the forests. They do however live as a minor race among the Humans in major towns and cities.

Roleplaying Hint: Elves are lofty and arrogant seeing the younger races of the Old World as adolescent children.

Magic: Elves are in the main naturally adept at magic and make powerful magisters. It was they who originally instructed Humans in the arts of the Winds of Magic and they have kept the most powerful secrets for themselves.

Religion: The religion of Elves is a mystery to the other races. Owing to their long lived nature they are frequently able to communicate with many generations of their kin and thus puzzle at the Dwarfs woreship of their own ancestors. Elves are said to have been in touch with Old Ones who created the races of the Old World as well as possible creating the Old World itself, and some believe they woreship these beings as gods.

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