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Halfling Male

Halfling Female

Humans' stereotypical view of Halflings is a perception of glutinous children who care not for the more important aspects of life. Though not quick to anger the Halflings see this slight as a misunderstand based around the fact that Humans clearly have no understanding as to what is important in life themselves. Halflings love of food is legend, but this also makes them skilled cooks and farmers as well as fierce defenders of their lands and assets. Halflings often live in Human communities where they find easy work in the culinary trade, but they easy way in has allowed them to branch out to become traders and landowners. Another type of Halfling takes advantage of their stereotyping by Humans as harmless greedy children to make an easy living out of crime as they oft go unnoticed on account of their statue and assumed persona.

Roleplaying Hint: Halflings are generally cheerful and playful with a healthy appetite, however they are not idiots even when playing the fool.

Magic: Halfings are more interested in the physical and what is going on in a sandwhich rather than the winds blowing around it. They are not spell casters and have a healthy resistance to spells.

Religion:Though not seemingly religious the Halflings do have a lot of fesitvals which involve grand feasts and celebrations.

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