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Though a relatively new race to the Old World, the humans are undoubtably the most numerous and "control" the greatest area. However, they are not a unified race with numerous regions controlled by different systems of government and populated by different ethnic groups The most powerful body of humans forms the Empire which itself comprises of 11 provinces.

Humans are the most diverse of the Old World races when it comes to professions and have the most careers open to them.

Roleplaying Hint: To quote the Warhammer Rule Book 'You should know how to play one of these.'

Magic: Humans trained in the mysterious arts may use magic. Human priests and other religious folk may call upon their gods for aid.

Religion: Humans are a superstious and godfearing race, with many deities openly worshipped in the Old World. The most popular region is the woreship of Sigmar who is the legendery figure who united the numerous clans of warriors and carved out a region for Human control.

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