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St. Olaves Class of 1987 website, link.
Put together by James O'Neill, Stuart Pink & Daniel Schütze one bank holiday.   St.  Olaves 1987-1994 was "our time" growing up.

St. Hugh's Classes of 1994 & 1995 Yearbook, link.
Put together by Daniel Schütze, Rachel Blackie & Anna Wright in 1998.

My online Wychwood Songbook, link.

My online photo gallery, link.

Online forum for general discussion, link.

Details of my filmmaking hobby, link.

List of my DVD's, link.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition Character Generators, link.

Information about this server, link.

The old animated front page to my website! link.

Eisgekühlte Bommerlunder, link.
A German drinking song (animated karaoke style).

Links: Daniel's Interests

The Wychwood Warriors, link.
The Oxford Society which Daniel was a member of as a student.

New Scientist, link (no longer free), local archived copy here.
An answer to the "last word" I submitted when 18.

Daniel's weblog, link.

NTFM, link.
Games players.

Ferhan, link.
A persistent world for Neverwinter Nights which Daniel assists with.

DVD Times, link.

CWA International, link.
Daniel's former employer.

St Hugh's College, Oxford, link.
Daniel's university (1994-1998).

St Olaves Grammar School, Orpington, link.
Daniel's old school (1987-1994)

Links: Daniel's Friends

Emily Leeper's weblog, link and new website here and her new site's gallery here

James O'Neill's UK Astro site, link.

Dave Thorn's website, link.

Various of Daniel's friends weblogs, link.

You shall go to the ball, link (appears down 02/02/05).
Sally, friend of Emily's dress making service.

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