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Latest Updates:
XXVI September 22 - Changes to the way the characters are saved and loaded after spotting an edge case; spotted error in a surname.
XXVII February 22 - Removed Apprentice Wizard as a career exit for Halflings or Dwarves, thanks Anthony.
XXVIII January 22 - Remove PHP calls to $_SERVER variables which could be used to make mischief with the scripts, sighs.
II August 16 - Have been pondering how to collect and show stats on the characters generated for a bit of fun, work in progress here (note not realtime).
IV February 15 - Fixed potentinal issue with the save/load functions; please let me know if you have trouble accessing a character.
XVII January 15 - Another server death and another move. Hopefully this will/did not affect anyone apart from the downtime.
XX January 13 - Francisco found me a couple of errors in the Runesmith/Bodyguard, corrected now many thanks.
XXV July 12 - Added expanded distinguisging marks (for humans only right now) from the Expanded Character Module by Dave Graffam - beware the six fingered man!.
VIII July 12 - Updated selection screen to allow the choice of starting career. Only careers previously under "Random" are allowed at the moment.
XIII Feb 11 - Started adding Tome of Corruption Careers, not many in yet and only accessible through link right now.
XVIII Jan 11 - Estalian Diesto's are now born in Estalia and Norse Berserkers in Norsca (thanks Ron).
II Oct 10 - Changed code so that the first advance was free and did not register 100XP used.
XIII Feb 10 - Apologies for any issues over the last week, my server died and the temporary replacement was misconfigured, hopefully it's all back to how it was now.
XXII Oct 08 - Human Surnames now available, these were lifted from an artical on Warpstone
and I've added some of my own
XVII Oct 08 - All basic/advanced careers from the source books I own are now available.
XII Oct 08 - Characters can now advance careers once they have taken all required profile advances. Please note
that advanced careers are not available yet (lots of typing required!)
X Oct 08 - Updated skill listing system on the webpage and pdf export to show percent bonuses to skills learnt
multiple times
X Oct 08 - Added Dwarf male and female names from "Stone and Steel" reference book and set the generation of
surnames as per the same reference (although I at first accidently made it follow the Icelandic system!)
XXV Feb 08 - After much typing and coding system went live